I am an enthusiastic Linux system administrator with 4 years of experience. Within those 4 years, I have managed Linux systems from all of the Red Hat, openSUSE, Debian, and Arch Linux families. Recently, my interest has shifted to immutable distributions such as Fedora Silverblue/CoreOS and openSUSE MicroOS. I also am certified by Red Hat, SUSE, and the Linux Foundation.

I am also a team member at PrivacyGuides. I am primarily a technical writer, updating the site's content with more emphasis on threat modeling and security.

Being an open source enthusiast, I publish all of the projects made in my free time on GitHub and my own Gitea instance. I also contribute to a few Flatpak and AUR packages.


I highly recommend that you contact me via Matrix, so we could take advantage of their end to end encryption. My Matrix is

If you prefer to reach out to me via email, my address is [email protected]. You can use my GPG Key to encrypt the messages. Aliases:

Please by wary of anyone claiming to be me or using the handle "TommyTran732" reaching out to platforms that are not listed here. Chances are, they are an impersonator. You can always contact me via Matrix or Email for identity verification.


PrivacyGuides is a socially motivated website that provides information for protecting your data security and privacy. It is a non-profit collective operated entirely by volunteer team members and contributors.

I am a team member, primarily a technical writer, updating the site's content with more emphasis on threat modeling and security.

The Pterodactyl Script is a bash script I wrote to automate the fairly tedious installation process of the popuar Pterodactyl control panel. It comes with automatic SSL certificate generation using Certbot, MariaDB SSL, basic firewall configuration, Fail2ban, and optional phpMyAdmin support. With this script, a 30-40 minutes task for a seasoned system administrator could be completed in under 5 minutes. This is my most popular project to date, with over 100 stars on GitHub.

The Arch Setup Script is a script that I wrote to automate my Arch Linux installation which mimics openSUSE's setup with BTRFS and Snapper. At the time, there was no other installer that does this nicely because they all use the same flat layout as recommended in the Arch Wiki. The downside of using this layout is that snapper rollback does not work properly and the user has to get into the Arch ISO to manually rollback their system. This could be solved by using the openSUSE's layout for BTRFS, and I forked Easy Arch to do just that. Over time, I have been adding more security/privacy related settings by default (such as randomized MAC address, IPv6 Privacy, Apparmor, Kernel module blacklist, encrypted /boot). The project is still actively developed, and many of the changes I made are merged upstream as well.

pacmac-flatpak and pacmac-flatpak-gnome are forks of the pacmac-all AUR package. Due to the various issues with snapd (it tracking systems using a unique ID with no opt-out option, it requring both AppArmor and CgroupsV1 for proper confinement, etc), I decided to create these forks to remove snap support from the package.


I run some public services that you could use:

ArcticFoxes, a small Matrix homeserver for cool nerds to hang around. Most users are from the PrivacyGuides community. Registration is open.

DarkBin, a forked version of Hastebin with some fixes and a different UI.

My own Gitea instance. It currently is a mirror of my public repositories and a few other projects that I find interesting. Registration is closed.