Hey there 👋

My name is Thien, but I mostly go by “Tommy” nowadays. I am an Linux system administrator around 4 years of experience. I am familiar with most major Linux families, from Red Hat to Debian to SUSE to Arch Linux. Recently, my interest has shifted to immutable distributions such as Fedora Silverblue/CoreOS and openSUSE MicroOS.

Like most Linux users, I am an open source enthusiast and publish most of the projects made in my free time on GitHub and my own Gitea instance. I also made a couple of small contributions to various projets on GitHub as well.

If you are active in the privacy communities on Matrix, you may recognize me. I used to be a collaborator for PrivacyGuides.org and wrote a large portion of the site from around October 2021 - July 2022. Now, I am now working on my own website - PrivSec.dev - with a couple of friends I “met” through GrapheneOS. Oh, while we are on this topic, I am also a moderator in the official GrapheneOS channels as well (though not a developer or project member). Or, you may just know me as that one guy who loves throwing a hypervisor at every problem he encounters, typical of a Qubes OS user.