The best way to contact me is through Matrix. My account is If you do not have a an account, you can sign up for one on my homeserver I do not ask for your email address or any personal information for registration.


My Telegram is TommyTran732. I do not check it as often as I do with Matrix. When contacting me, please use the Secret Chat feature.


If you prefer to reach out to me via email, my address is You can use my PGP Key or S/MIME Key to encrypt the messages. Using PGP is preferable, as signing and encryption is handled by my Yubikeys. Aliases:

Other Accounts

Google (Meet, Mailing List):


My Git accounts:


Please by wary of anyone claiming to be me or using the handle “TommyTran732” reaching out to you. Chances are, they are an impersonator. You can always contact me via Matrix or Email for identity verification.