I have a simple fork of Wonderfall’s hardened Synapse Docker image with the Mjolnir module support and the default (as opposed to light) variant of the Hardened Memory Allocator.

You can obtain the image by pulling or

I made an Alpine Docker container for that you obtain by pulling The default instance has been changed from to

pamac-flatpak AUR


I maintain the pamac-flatpak, pamac-flatpak-gnome, and libpamac-flatpak AUR packages. Originally, they were forks of pacmac-all and libpamac-all with snapd removed. I found snapd to be quite annoying - it is yet another AUR package I don’t need, requires cgroupsv1 for confinement, does not integrate with gnome-software, makes lots of loopback mounts, and so on.

Nowadays, they are based on the pamac-nosnap package with some minor changes to make the build and installation process nicer and more convenient.